Boardwalk Enterprises, LLC | Small Business Solutions | Serving Central Texas
Boardwalk Enterprises, LLC | Small Business Solutions | Serving Central Texas
Boardwalk Enterprises, LLC | Small Business Solutions | Serving Central Texas
Boardwalk Enterprises, LLC | Small Business Solutions | Serving Central Texas
Boardwalk Enterprises, LLC | Small Business Solutions | Serving Central Texas
Boardwalk Enterprises, LLC | Small Business Solutions | Serving Central Texas

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Search engine optimization

Whether you are a small mom and pop business or a large Fortune 500 company, a professional and dynamic website is vital for ongoing growth, increased sales, brand recognition and an established position within your specific industry. BELLC Website design & development specializes in designing custom websites that will help you achieve these goals.

Too many people settle for weak, dull and disorganized websites that do not fulfil their business needs. And many web designers would rather boast their skills with flashy entrance pages and overwhelming graphics, instead of focusing on strong material for the potential customer. Here at BELLC , however, we want you to be proud to show off the final product and we will not stop until you are. With our artistic talent, technological know-how and overall expertise in website design and development, we guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with the final results. Your dynamic and eye-catching new website will not only impress visitors, but entice them to return time and time again.


Social Media Marketing is the new way to communicate information to 100s to 1,000s even to 1,000,000s of people ANYWHERE! The efforts however, are not as easy as it seems. First, you need to understand where to communicate and how. Second, you need to understand the long hours required to do so. Here at BELLC we do all the work for you. Building your social platforms to link back to your squeeze pages and web sites is only the beginning. Using the platforms to direct traffic and converting visitors into customers is our ultimate goal.


Door to door, or business to person marketing also known as Direct Marketing is one of the fastest methods to reach your local target market. Direct marketing is also one of the most effective methods of advertising especially from an economical stand point. With Direct Marketing  you are able to pick a specific geographical location and target that area heavily. Here at BELLC we pride ourselves on achieving results. We are capable of distributing thousands of fliers on a weekly basis. Concerning accountability, we offer real time GPS tracking which offers daily status of your particular campaign.

We offer:

• Flyer Distribution

• Door Hanger Delivery

• Event Marketing

• Street Team Marketing (Sign Twirlers)

Direct Marketing & Distribution

The Idea

Whether it’s a simple business card or a highly complex brochure, banner, catalogue or post card. With BELLC, you can be confident that your idea will surpass your expectations, meet your deadline requirements and motivate your clients to act. The idea is step in 1 in our seamless 5 step process.

The Design

Once the idea has been conveyed, our artists with careful attention to all details, go immediately to work on the design. Every design is matched against a sophisticated colour psychological effects chart. We make certain that the colours chosen for your design are going to be accepted by your target market.

The Development

Once a design has been chosen, our team of artist go to work on the development of a product that can be submitted to our client for approval.

The Proof

Your first proof is absolutely free. We will then make one correction at no cost. Every change following the first proof constitues a twenty five dollar fee. ($25.00)

The The Final Delivery

Once all corrections have been made and the final proof has been accepted and authorized by you the client, the final product is delivered to you via email and or the print if applicable is delivered via mail (Normally UPS).


Staying ahead of your competition requires consistency and creativity. BELLC offers creative off line marketing with local exposure using 32”, 37” and 42” LCD Tvs. BELLC creates 20 to 30 second commercials designed without audio and with cool eye capturing graphics. We utilize the power of these commercials to communicate current specials, property for sale and or any thought that your business needs to communicate locally.

WEB DESIGN & Hosting

Web Site Design & Development/Our Services

Basically, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are the techniques used by people to obtain better ranking with major search engines. If you go to, and type in a search term, you will see a screen of results. The results on the screen are displayed in two categories: paid searches or PPC and organic or natural results. The organic results are more often chosen by people because they are non biased results. In fact it has been said that over 80% of the time people choose one of the first three natural results. As a business, it would be extremely valuable to be able to position yourself in that top area. Think about it, this alone allows anyone to compete with the large companies that normally control the best advertising avenues with their huge budgets. SEO makes it a level playing field that rewards effort, consistency, content, and ( Did I mention consistency?). Seriously, true SEO requires constant attention. That is where we can help.

We can accomplish an excellent SEO campaign by first optimizing your website to be competitive with a strategic array of keywords, proper placement of those keywords, pertinent metatags, proper links to and from your site, a home page (landing page) that can keep a strong conversion rate by offering free information with the completion of a sign up form and a low percentage bounce rate by offering incentives when they search the site. In addition, we will set up all your social platforms to link back to your site. This is important because the ranking power of websites such as Myspace and Youtube alone can expose you on the front page. Combined with articles that lead traffic to your site and videos that lead traffic to your site, and email marketing once we have gathered customer information are all combined variables for our formula for successful Internet Marketing. Please contact us to begin an SEO campaign for you.

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